25 for 25, Round 2

HANDverk 25 for 25 Sale

Our 25 for 25 sale continues tomorrow, December 1st. We have three great items that will be 25L for only 25 minutes. Our Wassily chair, Serpent Ring & Scale Clutch and Eve Pumps are all going to be modify/transfer, so it will be a great holiday gift shopping experience!

We’ll notify our in-world group [HANDverk] will be notified 25 minutes before the sale, so drop on by our store and join up so you don’t miss this great sale.

[HANDverk]Wassily Chair.25 for 25 sale

[HANDverk]Serpent Ring & Scale Clutch.25 for 25 sale

[HANDverk]Eve Pumps.25 for 25 sale