Mission Statement

At HANDverk, it is our goal to make great looking, detailed mesh content for use in Second Life® that does not feel ‘manufactured’. Asymmetry, irregularities and worn textures are the tools we use to help the virtual world feel more real. Every piece we create is meticulously modeled, one mouse click or stylus stroke at a time, for that virtually handcrafted feel.

Daphne Klossovsky | Co-Founder & Accessories Designer

The [H] Look #31.1Daphne has been in active in Second Life® since 2009. She was an avid creator of handmade jewelry in real life prior to an extended academic exploration of mathematics. Since starting HANDverk, she has come to enjoy learning to 3d model jewelry concepts that float around in her head, mainly using ZBrush. Virtual jewelry has the added benefit of having an infinite supply, so she never has to make the same thing twice. Occasionally, she can be seen making rather bizarre shoes.

In addition to her design work, Daphne handles a majority of the brand’s online marketing, web presence and website.

Tobias Convair | Co-Founder, Furniture Designer, & Architect

The [H] Look #31.2Tobias has been active in Second Life® since 2007, having adventured into content creation several times. With the implementation of mesh, he has finally been able to integrate his real world architecture work flow in-world. Ever the precise designer, Tobias brings a modern, balanced, and trained aesthetic into, what can be, a very chaotic medium.  Using a Sketchup-Maya hybrid work-flow, Tobias can quickly turn his designs into interactive spaces and works of art.