HANDverk http://www.handverkstudio.com Virtually handcrafted mesh designs for Second Life®. Fri, 01 Mar 2013 09:24:19 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.5.1 HANDverk @ The Arcade http://www.handverkstudio.com/handverk-the-arcade/ http://www.handverkstudio.com/handverk-the-arcade/#comments Fri, 01 Mar 2013 09:21:39 +0000 Daphne Klossovsky http://www.handverkstudio.com/?p=1165 Read the rest]]> One of the most anticipated events on the grid is back, The Arcade’s March round has already started. Get ready for all the fervor, the prizes, and the heated trading as everyone tries to get the items they covet the most.

This round, we were inspired to make items described in the novel, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum. These great ‘relics’ all have a nice place in our display case. Several of these pieces come with wearable counterparts, because what’s the fun in sliver slippers if you can only look at them!

HANDverk's Wonderful Relics of Oz


Each machine has seven items a piece and it’s L$ 50 per play. Head on down to The Arcade today and complete your collection.

Teleport direct to our machines, at The Arcade.

Wonderful Relics of Oz Gacha I

Wonderful Relics of Oz Gacha II


For more information about The Arcade, visit their website here. Don’t forget to check out the other great items for sale, easily viewed at The Arcade Shopping Guide.


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HANDverk @ Shop Free*Style http://www.handverkstudio.com/handverk-shop-freestyle/ http://www.handverkstudio.com/handverk-shop-freestyle/#comments Fri, 01 Mar 2013 01:15:00 +0000 Daphne Klossovsky http://www.handverkstudio.com/?p=1160 Read the rest]]> The minds behind the Free*Style blog have set up shop, so to speak. Shop Free*Style features a variety of designers offering a number of items and gachas between 0L and 50L. Items rotate at the designers digression  so don’t forget to check it out, and often.

We have the following freebies and gachas set up at the store for now:

[HANDverk] Bauhaus Set.f*s store

[HANDverk]Stud Clutch.f*s store

[HANDverk]Director-X.gacha.f*s store

[HANDverk]Sol Ring.gacha.f*s store

Teleport to Shop Free*Style

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[HANDverk]Man Cozy – Holiday Edition http://www.handverkstudio.com/handverkman-cozy-holiday-edition/ http://www.handverkstudio.com/handverkman-cozy-holiday-edition/#comments Fri, 14 Dec 2012 04:56:15 +0000 Daphne Klossovsky http://www.handverkstudio.com/?p=1131 Read the rest]]> [HANDverk]Man Cozy.holiday edition

As the holidays grow closer and the virtual snow starts covering the land, some of us may choose to bundle up more than others. Fortunately  for the concerned, yet not entirely modest, gentleman, HANDverk does have a nice solution to keep the necessary bits warm toasty — the Man Cozy. This mesh attachment comes in five holiday themed patterns and two, ahem, states. This holiday edition is sold modify/transfer, so you can easily gift a man cozy to your favorite stocking stuffer. 

[HANDverk]Man Cozy.santa's little helper

[HANDverk]Man Cozy.rudolf

[HANDverk]Man Cozy.oy! chanukah

[HANDverk]Man Cozy.little claus

[HANDverk]Man Cozy.heri za kwanzaa

Available at The Men’s Dept for their December round.

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[HANDverk]Holiday Deer Head http://www.handverkstudio.com/handverkholiday-deer-head/ http://www.handverkstudio.com/handverkholiday-deer-head/#comments Fri, 14 Dec 2012 04:27:52 +0000 Daphne Klossovsky http://www.handverkstudio.com/?p=1128 Read the rest]]> [HANDverk]Holiday Deer Head wreath AD

It’s the decorating time of the year and we’re aiming to bring some festive, if not exactly traditional, decor to the grid. Our Holiday Deer Head comes in two great variations, constructed of high-quality cardboard, it’s sure to strike up conversations when you have friends and family over. Just don’t hang it too close to the hearth, we didn’t douse it with any of those nasty flame retardant chemicals!

[HANDverk]Holiday Deer Head white AD

Both variations are available at The Men’s Dept for their December round.

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25 for 25, Round 2 http://www.handverkstudio.com/25-for-25-round-2/ http://www.handverkstudio.com/25-for-25-round-2/#comments Sat, 01 Dec 2012 05:41:06 +0000 Daphne Klossovsky http://www.handverkstudio.com/?p=1122 Read the rest]]> HANDverk 25 for 25 Sale

Our 25 for 25 sale continues tomorrow, December 1st. We have three great items that will be 25L for only 25 minutes. Our Wassily chair, Serpent Ring & Scale Clutch and Eve Pumps are all going to be modify/transfer, so it will be a great holiday gift shopping experience!

We’ll notify our in-world group [HANDverk] will be notified 25 minutes before the sale, so drop on by our store and join up so you don’t miss this great sale.

[HANDverk]Wassily Chair.25 for 25 sale

[HANDverk]Serpent Ring & Scale Clutch.25 for 25 sale

[HANDverk]Eve Pumps.25 for 25 sale

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[HANDverk]MadTEA Party http://www.handverkstudio.com/handverkmadtea-party/ http://www.handverkstudio.com/handverkmadtea-party/#comments Sat, 01 Dec 2012 05:29:08 +0000 Daphne Klossovsky http://www.handverkstudio.com/?p=1120 Read the rest]]> We’re very excited about our Alice in Wonderland inspired MadTEA Pary, made exclusively for this month’s Arcade Gacha Event.

[HANDverk]MadTEA Party.extended ad

Our items are available in two machines, character inspired seating made by Tobias and settings made by Daphne. The entire set is only 29 prim equivalents, mod/transfer and 75L each play. Here’s a link to the venue which opens midnight, 01 December. TP to the Arcade.

HANDverk MadTEA Party Seating

[HANDverk]MadTEA Party Settings

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[HANDverk]Holiday Table http://www.handverkstudio.com/handverkholiday-table/ http://www.handverkstudio.com/handverkholiday-table/#comments Sat, 01 Dec 2012 05:15:11 +0000 Daphne Klossovsky http://www.handverkstudio.com/?p=1118 Read the rest]]> [HANDverk]Holiday Table Set AD

‘Tis the season to dine and entertain with friends. Naturally, HANDverk is here to fill that void with our Holiday Table. Set for eight, this elegantly appointed table has four table cloth options and gives your guests wine glasses to wear.

This wonderful table is available exclusively at FaMESHed for the month of December. Here’s a link to the venue: FaMESHed.

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HANDverk 25 for 25 SALE http://www.handverkstudio.com/handverk-25-for-25-sale/ http://www.handverkstudio.com/handverk-25-for-25-sale/#comments Mon, 19 Nov 2012 05:33:43 +0000 Daphne Klossovsky http://www.handverkstudio.com/?p=1115 Read the rest]]> HANDverk 25 for 25 Sale

Our first sale is this Saturday 11/24! TP over to our mainstore to join our update group so you don’t miss out on this great sale. Or join here [Handverk].

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Bilo/HANDverk Photo Contest http://www.handverkstudio.com/bilohandverk-photo-contest/ http://www.handverkstudio.com/bilohandverk-photo-contest/#comments Sat, 17 Nov 2012 11:06:49 +0000 Daphne Klossovsky http://www.handverkstudio.com/?p=1112 Read the rest]]> Bilo/HANDverk Photo Contest

Do you have a passion for SL photography? Original mesh content and eclectic clothing/accessory/furniture design? Are you a fan of the Bilo and HANDverk brands? Then this is a contest for you.


1st Place – 10,000L + 1,000L Bilo & 1000L HANDverk store credit
2nd Place – 1,000L Bilo & 1000L HANDverk store credit
3rd Place – 500L Bilo & 1000L HANDverk store credit


1. Each submitted image must display one Bilo and one HANDverk item (at minimum). You may submit multiple images.
2. Please list the items used in your image description and make sure they are easily visible, i.e., please don’t use earrings that are obscured by your hair.
2. Submissions are only accepted via Flickr, please tag each submission with ‘bilohandverk’ so we can identify submissions.
3. Please add your photos to our Flickr groups.


11:59 PM, 30 November 2012


By entering this contest, you are consenting in the use of your image by both Bilo and HANDverk for promotional purposes, either in-world or on the web. Don’t worry though, you’ll be credited.




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The Disparity of Rarity http://www.handverkstudio.com/the-disparity-of-rarity/ http://www.handverkstudio.com/the-disparity-of-rarity/#comments Tue, 18 Sep 2012 03:18:33 +0000 Daphne Klossovsky http://www.handverkstudio.com/?p=1083 Read the rest]]> As most of the grid is well aware, The Arcade Gacha Event is in full swing. We actually have some cute rings available there, but that is another post entirely. What I want to talk about is the disparity of rarity, in other words, why do I have a bunch of rare items but not the color/item I desire?

First off, for those unaware, Gacha (Gachapon to the Japanese) is basically a vending machine game. You pay to ‘play/spin’ and are given a prize at random. Random is always a relative term, for no computer algorithm is truly random, but I digress.

Basically, at the Arcade, each machine allows the vendor to set the percentage of distribution of rare items. Rare items are denoted by having the word ‘rare’ listed in their name. Since it is called in that fashion by the algorithm, only those items that are called rare are considered rare by the machine.

As you read this, you may be saying the following:

But why do I have five rare hamster accessory sets and no fawn hamster? (please substitute any item you have been trying to get, and their rare counterpart)

Ok, so I’m going to explain why, but I’m going to make an assumption. I’m going to assume that the gacha algorithm applies the rare percentage to each rare item. So if there are 2 rare items, they are each assigned that percentage chosen by the vendor.

If there is one rare item at 5%, that means you have a 95% chance of getting a non-rare item per spin. But you WANT a particular non-rare item, don’t you?

The nice thing about discrete probability is that all the individual probabilities have to add up to 1 (or 100%). This means the sum of all the individual probabilities must add up to 1. I will use the following formula:

aY + bX = 1

Where a is the number of rare items, Y is the percentage assigned to a rare item, b is the number of non-rare items and X is the percentage of getting each non-rare item. We will be solving for X.

So let’s look at an example.

Dwarf Hamster Gacha Color Chart

From what I can tell, everyone and their mother is going wild over these hamsters. The thing is, everyone wants a panda or a fawn. So let’s see why that is so hard to do.

I checked this machine, the rare percentage is 5% and there are two rare items. So you should get an equation like this:

(2)(0.05) + 24X = 1

So X = 0.0375. That means, there is only a 3.75% chance at getting a panda hamster on a spin. Hence, in any particular spin, you are more likely to get an accessory item than a single particular hamster. Though you are more likely to get a hamster in general in comparison to an accessory set.

Let’s look at another example. Having a hard time filling up that last spice or your rack?

!Ohmai: Animal Spice Gatcha @ ArcadeSL

Again, we have two rare items at 5% each in a spin. Another way to look at this is you have a 10% chance of  just getting a rack. So we have

(1)(0.1) + 18X = 1

So X = .05. Therefore, you have a five percent chance on any individual spin to get a particular spice, so you might see more racks than you see the absolutely last spice you need.

I actually saw someone state in group chat that Glam Affair is lying about their rare skin being rare. In fact, I can prove that it isn’t really rare at all, but non of the others are rare in comparison either.

Glam Affair  - Roza Collection  for THE ARCADE Gatcha Events
This machine has one rare item at 10%. So:

(1 )(0.1) + 9 X = 1

X = 0.1. So this means, for each spin, there is equal probability to get any skin. Probably the most fair machine in the whole joint.

Anyway, here is a TP to The Arcade, hopefully probability will be on your side!


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